From Carrie in London

*Bev had put up a post on Facebook about Timeline Therapy, it intrigued me and I was curious.

I commented on her post and we got chatted. Well when she explained to me about Time Line Therapy,

I was fascinated. The thing is I live in the U.K and Bev in South Africa and I really wanted to find out more,

so we decided to set up a Skype session. She sent me info on it, just to help me try understand abit more,

I was even more fascinated and I couldn’t wait for our session.

I often would feel anger in situations and become irritated and snappy, especially towards my kids and partner.

I had self-doubt and often telling myself ‘you’re an idiot, or you can’t do it’. Also felt feelings of fear, sadness, guilt.

I wanted to stop feeling these or at least control them.

When we had our Skype session, I was excited and a little nervous. Bev asked me a lot of questions lol,

Some I was unsure how to answer and she made me feel confident by telling me there is no right or wrong.

Slowly we started targeting my feelings, starting with anger. Well let me tell you I had to think and process how far back

My anger stemmed from. Well once I’d accomplished that I already could feel that emotion getting lighter. And we moved onto

The next emotion and the next and so on. What a feeling of going through all those feelings. I felt like I was on ‘Cloud 9’.

After our session, I was exhausted, which is to be expected. I also had to go fetch my kids from school. The exhaustion dissipated and I

Was elated. I felt happy and calm. I fetched my kids and didn’t feel like they irritated me when they fought or when it was bedtime etc.

What I find now, is that if those negative emotions creep their ugly head, they’re not as fuelled or strong as before. Don’t get me wrong, I am human and do feel them, they’re just don’t lost as long. So for example, If my partner irritates me and makes me angry, it fades and we start talking again, whereas before I could easily ignore him, even for days, until I was ready to talk to him.

I loved my session with Bev and would love to learn and discover more.